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commences with a good understanding of the athletic demands and its performance giving a voluntary control through the engagement of the horse’s mind in the search for the appropriate body coordination.

Goer the horse who decided to live

The horse out of dusk
When you are watching Lorenzo working with horses, you can see and feel that there is something you can’t quite put together. It is intriguing and challenging because at the same time it is inviting you to find a place which for most people can only be found in their dreams.
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  • Thank you for sharing this heart-warming story!! Your "compassion and dedication" for horses is well commended... This world needs more people like you.. My Motto; We have domesticated these wonderful Animals, It's our responsibility to care for them!!!
    Ann M. Atkins,
  • This is a very "mixed feelings" argument. Here we have a beautiful horse who has been very badly neglected and left to live, if you can possible use this term, in terrible pain and suffering. Then arrives Lorenzo and some friends who take great pity on the sight they see but also seeing hope and something in his eye and his "will" to live that they take on with 100% dedication in finding a way to allow this horse to once again stand, walk, graze and be as a normal horse as possible. When I saw the first pictures of Goer I would never have believed that he is now able to walk around and graze as he is doing now. The patience, love and knowledge, due to much studying that Lorenzo has given to Goer has made me shed many tears, especially that beautiful photo of Goer and the baby, the love and kindness in his eyes were heart wrenching. Lorenzo you are an inspiration to us all and your passion and love for these noble animals has no limit. Keep us this fantastic work and I am so lucky to you have as a friend and to you Goer, keep on taking those strides forward as you are surrounded by love and kindness.
    Maria Guttridge,
  • This is a truly touching story of love and compassion, no matter where you are in the world!!! You have my respect, Lorenzo!
    Laurie Goodrich-Alexander,
  • Your doing is amazing!!! Goer is amazing!! Keep up the great energy you seem to be sending Goer!!! PLZ keep us posted. A beautiful story.
    Chris Astor Grassi,
  • I'm sure you don't have the time to read all your many responses but I just have to write a few words. Thank you, and may the gods bless you, for what you have done for this beautiful creature."
    Willow Morrison,